AEG Appliance Repair

Established in 1883 in Germany, AEG has built a considerable reputation on providing high-quality, durable, and stylish appliances. At Max Appliance Repair Barrie, our experience covers every type of appliance and model from this powerhouse company. Whether your fully-integrated dishwasher is leaking, or if you are having issues with your stove or oven heating correctly, we can handle the repairs.

These are some of the best appliances in the world, to be sure. If any of your appliances from this company are making strange noises, or are working erratically, we can come to wherever you are, take a look, and work towards a repair solution.

Even if you simply want to take advantage of our experience with an inspection, we are standing by, ready to assist you.

Call us today at (705) 481-1565 for speedy, affordable, and reliable AEG Appliance Repair services that cover all kinds of issues.


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Affordable AEG Appliance Repair Services

Our mission is simple: Use our licensed, insured, certified, and professional experience to address any AEG appliance repair or replacement concerns you may have. We also strive to offer the most affordable repair solutions to be found anywhere.

Compare our prices to any other appliance repair shop in Barrie. We combine the best prices with the best service like no other.


Reliable AEG Appliance Repair Results

From AEG top load washers, to electric or gas dryers, and everything else you can find from this manufacturer, we can meet your minor or major appliance repair needs. No one wants to deal with a washer that keeps flooding. You certainly don’t have the time to take care of the potential repairs yourself.

That is where we can come in. We offer same-day appliance repair solutions for some of the most-used and most important items in your home. If your oven isn’t heating up at all, or if your stove has a faulty burner, we are standing by. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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